Toad For SQL Server Freeware request code

Hi, there.
Suddenly the freeware version requires a code for activation.
I looked for other solutions in the forum but the only solution was to install the latest version ( It doesn’t work with this one either.


just readying an old post, it appears that if the version is over a year old, Toad thinks it needs a license key, quest fixed it by uploading a new version. I have raised a support call …

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We know about this issue and we are working to solve it. Please use a trial version in a meantime.
It can be downloaded here:


This does not seem like a good option - because later it might be difficult to uninstall the trial version to use the freeware version again. Plus when I want to use my Free Trial in the future (when I really need the full features), I won’t be able to do so.

Thank you, so let’s wait for the new version.

Hello dbGreg,

With a valid trial license you can ask Support for a help with uninstallation of the commercial/trial version which should solve the issue you can have.
In some cases the trial license can be extended. Please contact our Sales team.


..with an installer created one year and 3 days ago, it hit me too.

Same issue for me as well on version
Now asking for a Key



Hi Robin,

For now please use the Toad for SQL Server Beta instead of Freeware, we will upload a new beta later this week.


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Hi Michael, I'm having the same problem as Robin. Where can I download the BETA version or the freeware version that works? Thanks in advance


Pls try to download beta from: Toad for SQL Server Beta build is now available

Hi, I’m facing the same problem as Robin. where will I get a better BETA version or the freeware version that works?