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While we're on the subject of FreeWare... what about a Lite Version?


Any chance of getting a paid for Lite version as I’ve requested in the past?

The only thing I could use full functionality on that isn’t in the Freeware is the exporting capabilities. I use the export to SQL a lot for ad hoc data fixes and LOVE the export to excel instance. I would pay for a Lite version that was like the Freeware but also allowed all the export features of the full version.

I’d be able to justify to my boss a “lite” version of SQL Server if it had everything the Freeware had with the “Edit: snippets, predictive typing, syntax highlighting” of the full version. I just don’t need everything the pro version has and can’t justify $700 for that. But $150 or so for a lite version I could justify.

I’ve used Toad for MySQL for over 10 years. I love Toad for SQL Server and want to support Quest Software, but $650 for the full pro version is just too much as I don’t use most of the functionality that comes with it. I use Toad more as a replacement for SSMS. So a Lite version would be great.


Will definitely relay this to the Dev team, although they have probably already seen this, and I’m sure they have had this request from others.

One thing you may want to think about is a term license, which is less expensive than a perpetual license. Talk to your Quest Software Account Manager to discuss that possibility.


As long as the import/export tools are available, count me in on a lite version!