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ASE and Microsoft SQL

I am new to Toad. I have downloaded two different freeware versions to test connectivity to the databases that I connect to. I can connect to the Microsoft SQL databases through Toad for SQL and I could connect to the Sybase ASE databases through Toad for SAP. Is there Toad package that has the ability to connect to Microsoft SQL and ASE in the same software package? Any help here would be great.


Wade Shull

You want Toad Data Point (formerly Toad for Data Analysts). Connect to just about anything. If no native connection, then at least by ODBC. I am connected to a MUMPS database via an ODBC Cache connection (allows one to use SQL queries on MUMPS). You can also direct import from one connection to another, rather than extract a flat file and then import the flat file. Toad Data point also includes automation, so anything you do every Monday or any periodic basis, just create a job, schedule it and forget it. Been using Toad for years as a reporting tool, ETL tool, database tool but the best feature is the automation. I can call any program from a Toad job, pass a variable parameter to the called program and have the job resume when the called program completes. You are going to love this product. I should work in Sales for this company! Oh, and the support from Dell and the Toad community is the best.

There shouldn’t be any issues with ASE or SQL Server. Can you post a screen shot of how you are entering your values and what result you are getting? What other tools are you able to connect to using the same credentials?