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Connect to ODBC

With an old version of Toad for SQL Server it was possible to connect to an MS Access MDB via ODBC. Is it possible to do the same with the actual version ( ?
In the new connection dialog, I do not have "Generic" nor "ODBC".

Hi, which previous version did you use?

It was the veeeery ooold TOAD_for_SQLServer_1.08b, from year 2004...

1.08b... in 2004...that might be too far back for me to remember, but if you have need to access MDB, SQL Server (and a host of other data sources) from a single Toad product, then it would be well worth your while to take a look at Toad Data Point.

With TDP, you'd be able to blend disparate sources together, analyze data for anomalies, etc. Give it a shot.

Yes, as Gary says above - only TDP allows for connecting via ODBC.
2004 is so far long ago that I can't even look up documentation from that year.