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ASM manager does not manage QUORUM disks

ASM Manager does not display disk’s QUORUM attribute (Failgroup_type) nor do I see any way to add or drop QUORUM disks.

Is it just that the FAILGROUP_TYPE column is not shown in the ASM Manager (I see that and will fix) or is there another problem in addition to that?

When dropping a QUORUM disk, the keyword QUORUM must be part of the DROP DISK clause. And I don’t see any way to specify QUORUM attribute when adding a disk (again keyword QUORUM must be part of the ADD DISK clause).

Yeah, I see that now. I think it’s too late for this for 12.9, but I’ll have this in the first beta for Toad 13 or whatever we call it.

Thanks. Will the display of the FAILGROUP_TYPE make it to 12.9 or will that have to wait also?

Sorry, that will have to wait too.