Attribute Add Problem

After installing TDM BETA in order to test the fixed issue regarding printing problem reported previously, just notice a new one that I think was not there on the version I used before.

Description of the problem and how to reproduce it follows.

Adding a new attribute to an entity, the default Data Type displayes Char(1). Everything ok so far. Double click the new attribute to open the “Attribute Properties” window. Change something in there (name, not null checkbox, data type, …) and then click the OK button. You should now be back to the properties window and here is where the problem reveals itself: look at the attribute you just edited and notice that nothing changed. If you get back to the model itself (closing the window) it gets corretly displayed and if you open the properties window again the changes were made, but only in that time the changes are trully visible, because before that everything was the same.

This problem also occurs when editing a property already present on the entity, not only new ones.

Hope that the info is enough for you to reproduce the error. In case of not being good enough, just tell me and I’ll try to do better.

Thank you in advance for the time spent.

Hello Raposo,

Thanks for your notification. Yes, there’s a small bug in Beta.
I’ve checked it out in future official release 3.1.5 and it works properly.




What is the release roadmap?


If everything goes fine, version 3.1.5 should be released at the beginning of March.