Toad Data Modeler freezes while working with "Attribute Properies"


I am using the Toad Data Modeler ( in Win 7 (64 Bit) and currently I am very unhappy because the application freezes very often when I am working with the Attribute Property Window.
The only solution is to kill the TDM process and to restart it, but each time I have to kill the process it results in lost data of all changes since the last file saving.

This problem does not appear (or much more less) in the older Version ( of TDM.

Sometimes TDM freezes when I try to open the Attribute Property Window for an Attribute from the Entity Property Window, sometimes it freezes when I try to change the Data Type of an attribute and sometimes it freezes, when I switch the Attribute with the “Next”/“Previous” Buttons.

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Hi TobiWahn,

does TDM work the same way with all the models, or just one, please?
Can you try the latest BETA version, please? (

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I have tried it with a large old model which I am developing since 2010 and also with a total new one with only one entity to verify it.

In both situations the TDM freezes very quickly when I work with the Attribute Properties Window.

I will try the BETA tomorrow and will post my results. Thank you for the quick answer :slight_smile:

Thank you. Please let me know if you have some custom macros/packages. Also, if you get access violation, can you send us the Eureka Log, please?



I am using a clean version of TDM with data models for oracle 11gR2, no custom macros or packages. In total I am working with the Toad Development Suite for Oracle.

Today the TDM Beta was my choosen version.

Unfortunately also this version freezes very quickly.
In the Videorental example my first try after the successfull installation was to doubleclick on the entity “Film”. This first click was enough to freeze the application again.

After restarting my system it seemes to run better, but I have still sporadic freezing problems. The application does not crash, but it seemes to be some kind of a deadlock.

Sometimes I have the feeling, it depends on the speed of my operations. As faster I click as better is the chance of a freeze.

Hi Tobi,

this is strange, really. TDM uses Microsoft Scripting (standard part of OS) and in some cases access to the scripting can be somehow limited - e.g. antiviral software, limited rights on your PC machine etc.

One item that we added to TDM version 4.2 and 4.3 BETA is new component for toolbars, but I won’t expect this to be the source of the problem as it freezes on Entity properties form etc. Please, if you had a change, try to wait longer time. I would be grateful for eureka log.

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hmm, antiviral software could be a part of this problem then.
I will try to run TDM in a virtual machine without influence by our IT to look how it runs there.

When this works it would be my solution.
Thank you :slight_smile:

Obviously it is a problem with the McAfee Antiviral Scan mechanism which blocks / slows down the scripting of the TDM.

Searching for it results in a lot of postings of problems between microsoft scripting and McAfee.

I am using now a WinXP VM for TDM only, thats not the best solution which I would prefere, but it works fine for me :wink:

TDM runs quick, freezes not any more and I am happy :slight_smile:

But maybe someday you can check this problem with McAfee!?


thanks a lot for the feedback! We will do tests and try to find some solution. In past we registered similar problems with other antiviral software products and were able to provide fix/workaround.

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Has a solution been found for this yet?

I’m using Toad Data Modeler on XP with Trend Micro OfficeScan and run into similar issues with TDM freezing.



The solution hasn’t been found yet, though you may help us by providing more information about your machine and antivirus/firewall settings.
DO you have Windows firewall on or off? And what real-time protection settings are applied in your antivirus? Asking specifically about some execution prevention settings etc.

Thank you!

Lukas & TDM Team

Hi, have same issue. TOAD occasionally crashes in attribute form dialog box for entities (i.e. fields for tables). My system is:
Win7 Home Premium SP1
no firewall, no antivirus at all
Data modeller version is
DEP works only for “essential windows programs and services”

Form freezes even in case when no attempt for user input made during freeze.
Seems like it’s not issue of main thread at all. Please, check behaviour of all your helper threads.

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The latest BETA 4.4.2 contains refactored forms for most databases, so please go ahead and check if the issue disappears. This refactoring was done in order to remove these issues, so any feedback in this respect is welcomed.

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