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Auto complete locks up

Good afternoon John and Mike,

I feel bad for crashing TOAD with a typo (after it was working I backspaced and used y. an unknown alias; it brought up a blank list as it should, but then backspace and type correct alias and lock), but after the first crash, TOAD will not crash again. I tried a reboot, still no luck. I think you have a fix!!



Well, I know we are making progress, but it shouldn't crash even with typos.

I've been playing with this a bit more today.

If I go into Options -> Editor -> Code Assist, then in the "Include" box, If I check public synonyms, synonyms and Java, I can get code insight to be slightly laggy by making the dialog appear with "on r.user_id = u.", and then backspace over "u." and change it to some random letter, then repeat that process several times.

However, if I uncheck Synonyms and Public Synonyms, the lag goes away. (Note, I didn't get a true hang today, just a couple seconds of lag)

Are you on a database with lots of objects or users? Is there anything in the "include" box that you can uncheck? Does that help?

Good morning John and Michael,

I don’t think I’ve ever played with these options.

I know of no Java source used in any of our database applications, I can uncheck that. I unchecked it, makes the join hint never appear. Just a spinning circle while I brewed coffee, still not done after coffee brewed. TOAD locked after typing on r.user then backspace to ‘r.’ I’ll reboot and attach a freeze report. After reboot the hang is gone. No freeze report to send you.

I see Show object types as text, Use background database session, Other package me…, Synonyms, Types and Users are unchecked. In Other only Join Suggestions is checked. Here is the original options, before I unchecked Java Source.:


Hi Larry,

I wasn't able to reproduce the dialog not appearing after unchecking Java Source.

If you don't use Code Insight to find public synonym names, try unchecking that one. For me, unchecking that makes a big difference in performance.


Good afternoon John and Michael,

I unchecked Public Synonyms, but instead of speeding up, is slowed down. Crashed without any funny business, just on r.USER_ID = u. Crash:

Freeze report follows:

EurekaLog 8D15780CC9CEB34C98151D73D556A099 97F79F8BCA31834D88B6899E70855465 DA39A3EE5E6B4B0D3255BFEF95601890AFD80709 48BF5922321A7A48B65D067FBA51CDF0



Hi Larry,

It looks like the call stack is missing from the freeze report. If you still have it, will you email it to me?