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Auto complete locks up

Good Afternoon TOAD Team,

Auto complete while typing join conditions in the editor just locks up. The three fingered salute is the only way out (tack manager ending TOAD): Not every time but enough times to tell you here. Could you put an X to close the pop-up?


I don't think an X to close will resolve this Larry. I saw this problem after moving to a Windows Server 2019 from Windows 7, but I was unable to reproduce it when I started to investigate. So I just tried again in 13.3 64-bit using join conditions like that and got it the first try. I tried in beta and can't reproduce. I go back to 13.3 and can't reproduce there, either. I'll try some more to see if I can get this to occur a bit more reliably. When it happens for me Toad is pretty unresponsive so you wouldn't be able to click anything anyway.

i have the same, that i just touch a specific query toad hangs ,
any other query it is ok.

that query has many comments using -- and /**/ i don't if this make infinite loop in the toad parsing.

i had the same issue this morning.