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Auto complete locks up

Good Afternoon TOAD Team,

Auto complete while typing join conditions in the editor just locks up. The three fingered salute is the only way out (tack manager ending TOAD): Not every time but enough times to tell you here. Could you put an X to close the pop-up?


I don't think an X to close will resolve this Larry. I saw this problem after moving to a Windows Server 2019 from Windows 7, but I was unable to reproduce it when I started to investigate. So I just tried again in 13.3 64-bit using join conditions like that and got it the first try. I tried in beta and can't reproduce. I go back to 13.3 and can't reproduce there, either. I'll try some more to see if I can get this to occur a bit more reliably. When it happens for me Toad is pretty unresponsive so you wouldn't be able to click anything anyway.

i have the same, that i just touch a specific query toad hangs ,
any other query it is ok.

that query has many comments using -- and /**/ i don't if this make infinite loop in the toad parsing.

i had the same issue this morning.

I believe this problem is because of a background thread that looks at constraints to make join suggestions. I was able to reproduce it a few more times and in each case that thread is deadlocked. If you can live without the join suggestions in the Code Insight, uncheck "Other > Join Suggestions" in the list of included items. See the "Editor | Code Assist" page in Toad Options.

I've updated the bug logged for this to include that observation so that it can be investigated in more detail.

@wickliffe.larry @marc_109 @zmallah
Please try this again in the next beta (on or after 18-Jan-2021). I have a made some changes which may fix it.

I tried today with latest beta 830 , and used the option "use background database session"
but same issue happens with queries having too much comments .

attachment I will send in email

Good morning John, Marc and Zmallah,

I tried yesterday in the latest beta and did not jet a hang, different schema and database. I tried the original query again this tomorrow morning…

Upgraded beta,, again this morning and the issue is still there, but no window to give you a clue as to why TOAD is hung: Once I typed the period after r TOAD went to sleep. Needed 3 finger salute , task manager, to kill TOAD, which was dead. This database has fine grain access control enabled. I was not running the procedure to grant me access, but these tables are not protected. I tried again after enabling me access, same issue but other side of the = sign when I type the period after the u, last figure:


With fine grain access enabled:


Hi Larry,

Would it be possible for you to send me

  1. the DDL to create the tables involved (including foreign keys, excluding table data)
  2. the SQL you were using above?

I could simulate FGAC by granting the tables to one user but not another.


I know you have my email, but for your convenience:



I disabled folding from few days and from then no hang in toad and no need to kill the toad process.

it seems the folding with big queries (with big commented lines) becomes heavy and make the hanging issue.


I have been looking at the folding problem. I can reproduce it and I am working on a solution.

For me, the steps to reproduce it are:

  1. select some text in an area that can be collapsed
  2. collapse that area
  3. do something else (such as mouse wheel scroll or right-click)

I have noticed that I can reproduce this consistently on my windows 7 machine, but not at all on my windows 10 machine. I am not sure yet if this is related to Toad settings or Windows version. Probably Toad settings.

Good morning John,

With folding disabled, the crash disappears.

Oddly I only experience the crash in production, dev and test don’t crash TOAD.


The code folding freezing Toad problem will be fixed in the next beta (Feb 8th, 2021).

@wickliffe.larry - The Code Insight (AutoComplete) lock up should be resolved in the latest beta just released. Please let me know if you continue to experience issues. If you've disabled the "Join Suggestions" option on the Editor|Code Assist page in Options as a workaround you can re-enable that.


Good morning Michael and John,

You are counting your chickens before they hatch, TOAD beta still locks up as originally described the first time TOAD starts after upgrade: After a 3 finger salute end task TOAD completes the join without lockup, until reboot, then lockup returns.


Thanks, Larry. I've sent you a DM with my email requesting some config files. I have tried again in 14.1.96 Beta and can no longer reproduce in repeated attempts. Before the change yesterday I was able to reproduce it with enough tries. So this only hangs one time for you, immediately after upgrading Toad or just after you restart your machine, but after that no more hangs?

Good morning Michael,

Yes, somewhat inconsistent, too, sometimes hangs on the left field name, sometimes on the right field name. Only happens on one production schema. But it happens every time. Also happens when I make a typo in the table alias (again, only SPARQ production database).

Is it time again to get a clean start on my configuration?


Hi Larry,

Try again with today's beta. We found and fixed one more potential cause of the hang.


Good afternoon John and Mike,

Sorry, I broke your fixed TOAD. I’ll send the crash report privately: