Auto-Lookup Locks up

Using Toad For Oracle Beta

If I load a file with SCHEMA names not on the current database and I control-click the auto-lookup fires, but never comes back. Toad basically locks up. Have to force exit toad.

It would be nice if the schema doesn't exist, just pop an error or the drop down list in the auto-lookup is blank.

This happened when I loaded an old source code file to see how I had done something and I control-clicked an object (out of habit) that did not have a schema nor object on our current database.


I just get a "Not Found" error message when I CTRL+Click on something that doesn't exist.

Is this what you're doing?

I just had another thought.

Is Toad really stuck, or do you think there might be a dialog popped up behind Toad so that you don't see it and can't click on it?

We've had that problem before, and we've made some changes so this shouldn't happen, but maybe it still does.

If you think that might be the case, you can move the dialog that is behind Toad like this:

Alt+space, then M, then hold an arrow key to move the window.

You don't have to wait for a dialog to be stuck behind Toad to try this. Try it on another window first to see how it works.

Hi John,

Thanks for getting back to me quickly. Unfortunately, I am unable to replicate what I had done earlier. I get back “… not found.” now. Strange.

I’ll keep you posted if it happens again.


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