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Auto-Complete replaces the text after

It is very inconvenient when I choose a value from auto complete and the value replaces the next word that is after the cursor.

Is it supposed to work that way?


Hi Martin,

You can type a space between the cursor and next word to avoid this problem, if have any question, let we know please, thanks.



True, but in real life situations, I catch myself doing exactly this. And it is annoying :slight_smile:

So of course when this happens, yes, I undo what’s been done, type a space, backup 1 symbol (the space) and then start typing the value I’m looking for again.

If it is supposed to work as a feature then I have never used it on purpose.

Maybe you can transform this thread as an idea pond thread where people can vote - maybe I’m not the only one to whom this feature is a nuisance.

Or even better - put this feature as on/off in configuration :wink:

Hi Martin,

Thanks for your suggestions, I have created a enhancement(SQLNAV-1930) for it, thanks.




Hi Alan

I just wanted to open a thread therefore ! I fully agree with Martin : it’s really annoying.



Hi Martin,

we have set high priority to this story.