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Auto replace option ?



Is there a way to create “auto replace” expression like in TOAD. For example, I would like that each time I type “sl”, it’s replaced by “SELECT”. It’s very easy to do it in TOAD, but I haven’t found out anything like that in SQL Nav yet.



Hi Gaetan,

We don’t have that feature in SQL Navigator yet. Maybe you can utilize Code Templates for the time being. You can create code templates and use shortcut keys to insert them into your code.



Thanks but with code template, you can’t choose your own combination key. In TOAD, I could type “td” and I got "TO_DATE(’ ',‘DDMMYYYY’). Much much faster. I don’t understant why they haven’t put it in SQL Navigator. In my mind, it’s a basic programmer tool…


Hi Gaetan,

This request is already in our system and we will take it into consideration for future releases. Thanks for your feedbacks.



Thank you very much :slight_smile: