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HI All,

Can anyone please guide how to add auto-complete statements to the query.??? I am not able to find the documents to try it. I have Toad 5.3 version.

Can you be more specific about what you’re doing? Are you using the editor window?

There are code completion and Auto-replace options in Tools->Options->Editor. There are also sections in Help for code->completion and code snippets. There’s also a large section of help on the Editor.

i want to add snippet... but how do i do... i dont have any options here....

example: select * from TABLE1 for read only with ur;

so if i type "for" for any SQL statement i want this "for read only with ur;" to appear.

I dunno where to add it.

HI Adam, i got it. I added it in auto replace option.

Thanks for ur help.