Auto Optimize SQL

Unable to load Quest SQL Optimizer for Oracle engine.

This error appears when clicking the "Auto Optimize SQL" button in TOAD for Oracle

What version of Toad and what is the error?

This error "Unable to load Quest SQL Optimizer for Oracle engine."

Wow, That's very old and out of support. Did it ever work? You can try the following...

Verify that these files are in Toad's installation folder.

  • ConnPoolLib.dll
  • LogEngine.dll
  • QOraOptEngineLib.dll
  • QTScanLib.dll
  • XpertTrace.dll
  • OptimizerEngine.exe

If any are missing, re-run the Toad installer and use the Repair option. If all of those files are present then...

  1. Open Toad
  2. Go to View > Toad Options...
  3. Go to the General page
  4. Check the Application logs checkbox
  5. Restart Toad
  6. Reproduce the problem
  7. Zip and supply the .txt log files

You can send them to me in direct message if you'd like. The log files are going to be located in Toad's appdata\SQLTuning folder. On the General page in Toad Options there's an Application data directory box that tells you where Toad's appdata folder is located. Only the .txt files are necessary. Nothing in the "Session..." folders is useful.

Correction to the above... enabling logs via options is new. You'll need to manually edit Toad.ini with Toad closed. Locate the [SETTINGS] section and add DEBUG=1 to it. First, search for DEBUG and if it exists then just update its value.

Toad 11 It's very old but it worked until I uninstalled "SQL Optimizer" to upgrade it.

I already added degug=1 in toad.ini
What is the next step?


Are all the files dll y exe