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TOAD SQL Optimizer not working

I’ve used the SQL Optimizer before but today it simply refuses to work. I’ve tried rebooting, etc. and have the same results.

Within SQL Editor window highlight SQL code
Right click -> Optimize -> Optimize Current SQL
Database type = General (OLTP or mixed)
Search Depth = 1 (also tried 2)
Hit OK Button

Optimizer opens within TOAD IDE.
Explain Plan completes
Work starts to optimize
Then after a few seconds it errors

Error window popup…
"Failed to update scenario data file

Error adding SQL"
Press OK to clear popup

Popup re-appears MANY MANY times
After all errors cleared no alternative SQL to choose from, only Original SQL present within optimizer tab/window

Additional info…
Toad Version: (Toad for Oracle Xpert)
Used simple SQL and more complex SQL, same result

Does anyone know where this “scenario data file” is so I can check the file access rights, etc?

Many thanks

I have updated/patched to the new version of SQL Optimizer v8.5.0

Successful install
Retried query optimize with same error result

Download link for patch…|101|-1|,N:268440217&Dt=Quest%20SQL%20Optimizer%20for%20Oracle

This fault is not caused by Toad or any Quest related product.

I noticed that our network administrator had modified “Symantec Backup Exec Desktop Agent” to monitor the directory branch…

which includes…
c:\Users<username>\AppData\Roaming\Quest Software

I ‘exited’ the Symantec Backup Agent and the optimizer went through without any problems.

I will exclude the following directory from the backup monitor…
C:\Users\keiwya\AppData\Roaming\Quest Software\Quest SQL Optimizer for Oracle

If that doesn’t work then I’ll just exclude the following (which is less desirable)
c:\Users<username>\AppData\Roaming\Quest Software

Is there anyone from Quest that can give an official recommendation for this please?

I doubt you’re going to find anyone at Quest to give an official recommendation
on ending the use of antivirus software for specific directories, for obvious
legal reasons. This isn’t the place where they would do so anyway, being
principally a user forum.

I despise “anti” virus software, personally, and try to dodge out of it wherever
possible. More often than not it acts like a virus instead of an “anti-virus.”