How to Enable Auto SQL Performance Optimizer in toad

Hello John,
We have oracle enterprise edition 19c but I can't use SQL optimizer. When I right click the editor area I don't see Auto SQL optimizer option.
Also when I select the advanced SQL optimizer I get the second error which is "unable to send request to dell optimizer"
see the errors below

Your Oracle version doesn't matter here.
Which versions of Toad and SQL Optimizer do you have installed?
I searched our source (even old versions) and did not find that message anywhere.

The reference to "Dell" Optimizer strongly implies that a very old (at least 8-9 years) version of the SQL Optimizer product is installed.

If you are on maintenance with your (assuming you have) Xpert Edition of Toad, I would uninstall your old version of (Dell) SQL Optimizer, and then use the latest Toad Xpert installer to install the latest release of Quest SQL Optimizer and (possibly) upgrade your Toad version while you're at it.

The version is Toad for oracle professional edition

Is SQL Optimizer installed? If so, can you start it separately from Toad (like from the windows Start Menu)?