Automate Import/Export Report


At the end of Automate process, there’s a nice Import/Export Report that shows Description, Read Rows, Imported Rows, Status, and File Name. I’d like to save it as csv or excel file but I can’t. I right click on the Import/Export Export tab and do save as but nothing happens. I’m using TDA 2.6 on Windows 7. Does anyone experience this issue? Is there a work around?


On the finish window there is a hyperlink to View Event Log. This will display the log details in a window. You can copy and paste from that.


Thanks for your reply. I see Output window and a hyperlink to View Report. It has detail info just like in the log but I don’t see View Event hyperlink though.

You are using Automation. I missed that in the first post. The logging part from export/import is merged in with the rest of the automation logging. The complete automation log file can be emailed to yourself as an attachment. To do this, add an email activity and choose to include logging. The log option will add as an attachment. And the messages option will embed log in the body of the email.

You can also right click on the output window and choose ‘text output’. Now you can copy and paste some or all of the log.

The log data is not in a comma separated format. Is the above sufficient or do you think I should add this as an enhancement?



I was able to get the log mailed to me. However, it's a verbose log. What I'm after is import data summary (see attached, I cut and pasted the image from your blog). When I import data into 100 tables or so, it would be nice to have a tabular summary of the import. The verbose log format has too much info data to shift through. If I set the log as 'Basic' then there's no table name listed in the log, just the number of records successfully imported.

That we will have to add. I entered Cr78,101 for this. I can get this in for the 3.0 release (it missed the 2.7 enhancements.)

Thanks for the request.


Debbie - Thanks so much for your help.