Publishing Error after upgrading laptop


I recently upgraded laptops and now I am not able to publish anymore. I am getting this error:


Is this something anyone else has experienced? Any idea on how to fix? Thank you in advance!

Hard to tell without knowing the actual steps... trying to publish a table? Snapshot? View? Query? Diagram? Query Builder file? From which part of TDP?

Also, making sure that you have specified the correct connection details to your Toad Intelligence Central server... Are you able to access TIC successfully via a web browser?

Might want to take this one to Quest's Support team:

Hi Gary,

I am attempting to republish an existing automation script. The script works as I was able to run it via test and the connections and SFTP all worked. However, when I attempt to "Republish" to existing folder, I am getting that message. I have it set to "Use default user to execute automation scripts", where it runs under the windows credentials.

Is there a Windows login (on TIC server) that you can specify beside the default on TIC?
Just seeing if you can get the automation to publish/run.

Hi - I would also check if you are using secured folders on Toad Intelligence Central and if so what your user permissions are on that folder you are trying to publish to. To republish the object you will need to be a manager of that automation or a admin on Toad Intelligence Central