automated query not exporting .xls files

Hello again. I have setup 5 queries to be automated. I have tested each instance and with each, the expected file was created successfully in the correct folder. Then I scheduled the report, they appear to have run (see attachment), but there is no output file. I've double checked to make sure the output location is right.

Is there a way to look and see if the file was actually created?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks again,

From your screenshot everything looks okay. Here are the steps I would take to get more info for one of the tasks.

  1. Edit one task and confirm that the path to Toad.exe is the current Toad you are using. (If you have done an upgrade and the script was made in a prior release it could be pointing to an old Toad.exe) I don’t think this is an issue but is a good first step for all debugs of this type.
  2. Confirm your password is set correctly in the task. I’d advise resetting it.
  3. Change the logging method for this tasks to Verbose. Check that you have Email on Exception turned on and the email configured. Do this in the Script settings activity.
  4. Go to the systems scheduled tasks. You can get to it from the Start Menu from Accessories | System Tools | Scheduled Tasks.
  5. From here right click and choose Run. You should see the Toad icon apear in the right had corner of your screen. If this does not appear you should see some info on the last Result column. If it runs but for a really short time then it had a problem finding the Automation script file. If it ran for awhile but had an error you should get an exception email or you could click on the Toad icon and it will open visually and you can see what is processing.

Let me know what you find.