Export errors in Automate

Toad newbie here-- I just installed and hit a snag during automation.

I have a query that produces valid results. I went to report and got an excel workbook instance that looked valid as well (I’m running 2007). And when I went to automate the script was supposed to export that query to an excel file and email it (basically the default automation script).

I can get it to email but it never creates, mails or exports my excel file:

Export Started [3/19/2009 4:23:02 PM]
Export Wizard error processing objects, export halted.
Error parsing Export template: The ‘Query’ start tag on line 32 does not match the end tag of ‘ToolTip’. Line 551, position 73.
Export Finished [3/19/2009 4:23:02 PM]

I can’t find any information on these Query or tooltip tags. I am not running any code other than an SQL select statement.

Thanks for any help you can provide.


BTW, we do not currently support Excel 2007 file format *.xlsx. Are you using this file extension?

The error says it can parse the Export template. Can you send me your *.txp file?

Debbie Peabody

I was exporting to xls but re-starting the software seemed to help. Thanks!