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Automatic open code explorer on package doubleclick?

Hi, can anyone tell me how to automatic open code explorer when you open (doubleclick) a package or package body in DB Explorer?

This functionality is in version 5.5 and I can’t find it in version 6.4!

When I open a package I always want to se the list of functions and procedures and I can’t understand why someone wants to remove this function…?


Hi Christian,

Code Explorer is now part of the Toolbox you can see either on the left or on the right in Code Editor window. Just click the title “Code Explorer” to activate it. Code Explorer in v6.x is more advanced than in 5.5; it shows not only all names but also references to them in the code, for example. Alternatively, to navigate to a particular function/procedure in a package, you can use the combo box in the Code Editor toolbar, next to the “package” button.

Hope this helps,