Feature Request "Code Explorer" in Toad for Oracle

I have been using SqlNavigator a lot in recent years and am now forced to switch to use Toad for Oracle. One major feature I am missing in Toad is the "Code Explorer" from SqlNavigator.

In Toad I find the Navigator Panel, that's docked on the left side of an editor not as useful, because in comparison to SqlNavigator it simply lacks a lot of information.

Are there any plans to port the "Code Explorer" from SqlNavigator to Toad or will you at least consider this post as a feature request?

I have to admit I'm not real familiar with Nav. What specific info are you missing?

Can you post a screen shot?

Sure (I hope the upload of the screenshot succeeded - it looks a bit strange in this editor-field here)...

As I said, the "Code Explorer" in SqlNavigator is somewhat similar to the "Navigator"-Pane, that Toad displays, when you edit a stored program. But it shows not only the local units with its parameters and local variables, but also all the references to these.

On the first glance, this might seem like a minor difference. But I use the "references" a lot, when I am reviewing or bugfixing code and to me, this is a the major reason to startup SqlNavigator again and again.
I provide a screenshot of Toad's "Navigator"-Pane as well, so that you get an idea about what I am missing here:

Thanks for the details. I've logged it to be added to Toad. I can't make any promises on when it will happen, but hopefully for next version.

If there is anything else that keeps you going back to Nav, let us know.

When reading the Release Notes for Toad 15.1 I noticed, that there is an "idea pond" in the forums section. It's a pity I didn't see this before. Now I wonder: Is it necessary or advisable to add this request to the "idea pond" ?

It's not necessary to add your idea there. Mentioning your idea here is usually enough for us to notice it. This particular idea has already been logged in our bug tracking and enhancement request system. We hope to get to it in version 16.0.

However, if you want to look around in Idea Pond, it's here. It's just another section of this forum.

FYI, if you lose the link, you can find it like this: