How to start the CODE EXPLORER?!


I have a problem: I’m using SQL Navigator and I have no idea where to find the CODE EXPLORER.

I installed an older version of SQL Navigator ( and it works. How can I start the CODE EXPLORER in SQL Navi 6.2.1?


IN v6.x, the code explorer is embeded into the Toolbox section (docked on the right of left side) of the Code Editor as the attached screen capture.

Thanks and regards,

Ok, next problem: where is my toolbox section?

How can I show up the toolbox section?

Hi Bert,

The toolbox is naughty sometimes. It became too narrow to be visible.

Could you please try delete the state.ini in C:\Documents and Settings\user\Application Data\Quest Software\SQL Navigator 6.2.1\Unified Editor? That would help to restore the toolbox. The width setting of the toolbox in this ini file sometimes becomes too small to keep toolbox visible. We’re sorry for the inconveniece.


Hi vliu,

thank you very much - it works!