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Data Point, Excel Pivot Tables


Hey All,

I need to automate report creation where the data is in a CSV file and some data is also stored in an SQL Database. I currently make the reports manually but its very time consuming. Is it possible to use data point to do this? I have looked at other software and normally it requires a programming or scripting background - of which i don’t have.

I am asking because i normally use Excel and Pivot Table to make my reports.





I will suggest the following workflow

  1. import your csv file as a table to your SQL Database,

  2. write a query against both tables to get the result set,

  3. export it to a Excel file

  4. design a pivot grid in the Excel file, then add a macro to refresh it, save the Excel file with .xlsm extension.

Now, you can automate the whole process by adding step1 as import activity and step 2, 3, 4 as export activity (export query to xlsm file and run macro at the end). Save it and schedule the job. Done.


For step one you could connect directly to the csv file. Just use the Excel type and point to csv file.


Hi Debbie,

Is there a video of how to create the pivot grid in conjunction with the macro?


Actually, no. I never got into training on writing macros. I know many of our users do this. I would check the internet for sample code.

I only have a video on how to refresh pivot grids with Automation.…/1142.aspx

And for macros I only show are to run the ones that exist.…/1143.aspx