Automating Data Import from Access with Toad 12.0

I am relatively new to the Toad automation feature. I am watching tutorial videos and trying to figure out how I can automate the import of multiple tables form an Access database to their appropriate tables in TOAD. The problem is I have toad version 12.0 and the videos that I am watching seem to have a later version.

Can I still do this task given my version of toad?

Also are there any videos, guides, or step by step instructions out there that anyone recommends given my version? I have had no luck finding any.

There may be slight differences in the Data Import window and Automation Designer between Toad 12 and current, but they should be basically the same.

Here’s something you may be able to do as a shortcut -

When you ran your imports manually, some actions were created in the “Action Recall” section of the automation designer. You can CTRL+C/CTRL+V (one at a time) from Action Recall into “App1” or whatever the app is called that will contain all of your import actions. Then you can double-click each action and change whatever properties you need to change, and “Apply” to save them.

Thank you!! This is perfect. This seems to be very similar to how excel records macros.

Only question is: When I test run the app where I pasted in my import table actions. It will import one table but it won’t automatically import the next table. I manually have to click the close button on the pop up box that shows up at the end of each table import. Is there a way to make the tables update without the need for the user to click close on the prompt box?

If you right-click to run the App on the left, then choose run, it will run all actions inside the app. The dialog at the end of each import action auto-closes after 5 seconds, so you don’t have to click it. This is in Toad version 12.12. The ‘auto-close’ is a fairly recent addition, but I don’t remember offhand in which version we added it.


Hi John,

I am not having issues running the app. I did the left click and run like you stated. But I let the window stay open for an entire minute and it did not auto close. Maybe this came after the 12.0 version that I have? Is there a way to make it auto close given the version I have and its features? Thanks again for all the help!

Oh, yeah, 12.0. It’s right there in the title of this thread!

Try running it from command line, I think that will do it: “c:…your path to toad.exe” -a “name of your app”

So, for me, this is: “C:\Work\Installed Toads\Toad 12.12\Toad.exe” -a “App21”

Looks like the command prompt returns immediately, but If you have Task manager up, you can see that Toad runs for a little while (in the background, no GUI) and then closes. In current versions of Toad I can do this with Toad running in the foreground but I am not sure if that was also the case in 12.0, so you might want to experiment with it and see.

Hi John.

So is there no work-around for closing the import progress bar window within the toad program?

In 12.0, no. It was fixed in version 12.12. In version 12.0, the only way to not get the prompt is to run your action from command line. Sorry about that.