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Automation Designer and Export App Connection

I am trying to figure out how to use the Export Dataset App with connection properties. After creating the export that I want, I can't run it with multiple connections.

Isn't there a way to genericize the Export App connection? I want to use this to create a report from several schemas across different DB's.

The connections that you want it to run on should be set in the Connection Iterator. The export actions underneath it will still look like they have only one connection applied, but then when you run the connection iterator action (or the App on the left that contains it), then it will run all exports with the first connection, then all exports with the next connection, and so on.

Thanks, John. It just didn’t seem to working right. Perhaps I was premature in my asking my question. Let me investigate more closely.

Ok. If you continue to have problems, let me know which version of Toad you are using and show me a screen shot of one of the export actions (just first page, I don't care about the SQL).