Automation Designer Copy files/sub folders without removing source folder

I am trying to copy content and sub folders from a folder to another folder, but all I see is "Move Directory", which moves the content and sub folders and removes the source folder. Is there a "Copy Directory", like the Windows command "XCopy". The only alternative is to create folders and copy data one at a time or through a folder/file iterator.

BTW, I used "Shell Execute" with XCopy and works like a charm, but the destination path and folder name has month and year and I don't see an Environment Variable I can set or use.

If you have a solution other than what I suggested in the first paragraph, that would be most helpful.


It's interesting that we have create/delete/move for both files and folders, but only "copy file". Seems like an oversight. I can add that.

Thanks, John, and until Dev gets your change request in, shelling out to execute your XCOPY is a nice creative work-around. You should be able to assign env variables with month and/or year
(perhaps by assigning the output from a
or even prompting at runtime for the variable values.

Hope this helps.

Hi John,

Gary is right - it looks like even though the Shell Execute action doesn't support variables (you can't right click to get a list of them), they are supported in the action.

For example, the action below will copy the C:\Temp\Project1 folder to C:\Temp\Folder1

You could use a different query with to_char and sysdate to get the current year and month.