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Automation Designer - Export app

hi, I'm building an app for another user, but when I export the app to a text file and get the other user to import it into their own AD, the app keeps asking for username and password every time they open and run it, even after they've typed it in the first time and it's run successfully on their session. Is there a way to transfer the app to another user without it asking them to re-type their username and password?

Does the other user have "save passwords" checked on the login window?

If not, I think it's because it was exported/imported to another machine. It's on my to-do list to add an enhancement to be able to reassign connection after export/import.

Thanks John. The other user has "save passwords" checked, and we have the same access rights/profiles. I ended up re-creating the app on their machine, while logged into their session. This limits the app's portability across users, especially if it contains several actions, since each action brings up the login dialog every time it's run (by the other user), even if it was already supplied in the previous action.

Yes, we really need to offer to change connection info for actions after import. This is logged as an enhancement request.

Thank you John.

Toad 14.1 will be released at the end of this month (March 2021).

Shortly after that, we will begin the beta program for 14.2. This will be in the 14.2 beta.

That's great, thanks John, appreciate the response!