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Automation Designer question

I have some apps that have been happily running for over a year now
against our production DB. Last week I had to migrate our production
DB to a new server. I’ve searched, but I cannot figure out how to have
the apps hit the new production server, by default, as opposed to the
old one.

I know I can run these against the new server using Run with
connections, choosing the correct server, and it will hit the one I
want, but how do I change the server that the apps will hit if I just
choose Run? I f someone can tell me, or at least point to a source
where I can find the answer, I’d appreciate it.


If I’m understanding you correctly, you simply need to modify the properties of
all actions within your app to point to the correct server.

I imagine it really depends on your apps.

Let’s say you have java apps coded to target the actual host/port names.
Then you need to alter the apps (or take the existing server off line, bring up
the new server on the existing host/port, I wouldn’t recommend this
solution). Caveat: I’m not a java developer so I’m thinking
logically on limited information for that problem.

If your apps are coded for the alias in the tns file, then I imagine it’s
as simple as changing the tns file to give the new host the existing alias
– while removing the alias on the old host of course.

Those are two possibilities to highlight: it depends. It would really be more
helpful if you could outline the specifics of how the apps access the databases.
That alone would likely point you in the direction of a solution.

Roger S.