Automation Designer - Save logs of runs


I have searched but haven't seen anything yet about this. Sorry if it's a duplicate.

I was wondering if it was possible to implement the saving of the logs of the runs in Automation designer ?

We would like to start analysing run time across multiple days of our daily tasks.

Thanks in advance !

The closest you can come now is:

  1. Go to "Execution Log" on the LHS
  2. Select the action runs that you are interested in the right
  3. select and copy/paste the details in the bottom right.

I've logged an enhancement to make it simpler.

Thank you John for the very quick answer.

The problem for us is that we run Toad in Citrix, and our session resets every night.
When I restart Toad, those logs are not a solution where logs are written on the fly to a txt file would be ideal.

Oh, On the fly...I missed that detail.

How are the actions in Automation Designer not getting deleted between Toad runs? Are you copying ToadActions.dat?

If so, you can preserve the log by also copying ToadActions.log, then what I suggested above should work.

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Hi John,
Thanks for your answer.
I will see with the team responsible, but I belive so as all my Automation Designer tasks are there.
I keep you posted on the ToadActions.log.
Thanks again !