Toad 16.1.53 losing automated tasks

We have something weird going on where our automated jobs won't run and after going into Toad, it appears that only the default tasks are there. We've gotten good with backing up and restoring the configuration directories, so getting them back is only a batch file away, but I'm more curious what is happening that would cause this?

Is there a way to turn on a detailed log so that if for some reason something unforseen is happening overnight, we might be able to get some intel on it?

I also can't seem to locate a Toad log file that we could go back and check to see if something (terrible) might have happened.

Toad has some logging features but they aren't on unless enabled, and even so, I don't think they would have a reason for this.

My guess is that possibly two copies of Toad were running at same time, and there was a clash when the both tried to use that file at same time. We do have some code in place to try to handle that sort of thing...

If Toad can't read the file due to some error in the contents, a popup message is thrown, ToadActions.dat is renamed to ToadActions.err, and the the actions are reset to default, as you noted.

Thanks, John That's a very interesting observation. We actually start automation via the Windows task manager (we have over 50 jobs that run at various times). It's certainly possible there could be some overlap depending on the length of a process. Is there a better way to accomplish this to avoid collisions?

If you use a /VIRTUAL switch on the command line, that instance of Toad will make a private copy of the user files folder as it starts up, and that should prevent clashes.

There are other optional parameters with /VIRTUAL. There's a section in the helpfile called "run multiple Toad instances" which gives all the details.

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Hi John - Just logged in and realized I never followed up on this. /VIRTUAL worked FANTASTIC to fix this issue. We were really struggling for a few weeks with it and this completely solved the problem.

Thank you so much for your help!

You're welcome! I'm glad that fixed it for you.