My Automation Designer App is not Visible


We just completed profile migration. My report Server works, database works
but I just looked at my automation designer apps the links to the table is restored but I can no longer see the automation app I created.

How can I restore the 2 apps. See the Screen shot. The Tables are their but I can't see the automation designer to run them.

Click on "App1" on the left. Are they in there? If not, you may need to export them from your old Toad and then import into the new.

No. They are not in app 1. I don't have access to the old toad. So if I dont have access to the old toad I will recreate the app?

If you are on the same PC, even if the old Toad was uninstalled, you can try re-importing your old settings from main menu -> utilities -> manage user settings.

If you see your old settings in the "copy settings" dropdown, then you can choose that and click OK.

If you don't have access to your old Toad settings then I guess you have no choice but to recreate your actions.

I am using a new laptop now. I dont see the old setting in the new laptop.
I get to the copy setting but I see nothing. When I click on browse I see the screen shot I shared. Could it be the user file back-ups?

No. If it's a new laptop and the settings were not copied over from the old laptop to the new then you must create the action from scratch.

Thanks! This will resolve the problem


I am recreating the automation designer. The existing table in toad has records that is why I checked truncate record before import.
My concern is that the Professional version I use is different from the previous version. At this point I am supposed to save before I execute but in this version I don't see the camera icon to save and execute. The only thing I see is run. After running will i be able to save the app?

Actions are always automatically saved before they are executed. There is no need to save manually.

If you don't want to run it yet, you can go back one step, then hit "Apply", then close it.

I have run the app successfully but it is not saved where it should be in the app. Where can I locate the executed app? See the screen shot.
In the previous version you can give it an identifiable name.

If you ran an action outside of automation designer, it is automatically saved in "Action Recall". Now you can follow the steps below to save it more permanently

  • Click Action Recall
  • Sort it by run date if needed to find the most recent thing that you ran
  • CTRL+C on it to copy
  • Paste it into App1
  • F2 on it to rename

Sorry, I did not answer your question yesterday. The camera icon was right here:

Thanks it worked

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You're welcome. Next time, it may be easier to just set up the action from within the automation designer itself. Like this:

  1. Click the app where you want the action to go
  2. Select the type of action from the palette
  3. Click in the action area to place the action
  4. Double-click on your new action to set its properties

Thank you for your help

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