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Automation Designer Steps Out of Order


I have a process where I would like to prompt a user for a file name and parameter to use in a select statement then export the results of the select statement to excel.

I have an app with these steps:


When I run it, I'm getting results that seem to indicate that the steps aren't executing in the order they appear.

The file appears but with the name from the previous run.

For example, If I run the app twice once with name_0 as my file name and 123 as my parameter and a second time as with name_1 as my filename and 456 as my parameter. The second time will produce a file named name_0 with data for 456.

Any thoughts?


It works OK for me. I made a video.

Edit: first video was reduced size. Scaled to 100% (you have to click on it to see full size)


Thank you for your response! I'm having a different issue now. I had all my variables as 'Global'. I changed them to 'Local'. Now it's taking the file name, and changing correctly with each run but the contents of the file just have %v-param% instead of the input value.

Hopefully this cobbled together screenshot isn't too sloppy:


What version of Toad are you using? I can tell yours is older, but am not sure of the version.


I'm using 12.6.


Looks like in 12.6 you have to use global vars in the SQL instead of local. Local was broken until Toad 12.11.

So my steps in the video should work for 12.6 if you just change the a_param variable type to "global". The filename variable can be either local or global. I just tried that and it worked for me.


Things seem to be working now. Thank you for your help!

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