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Automation Designer; Use a sql iterator variable in FTP

I'm trying to use Toad for Oracle Automation Designer to setup an automation that will daily export a query to a csv file with a formatted date in the filename, and then upload that file to ftp.

So far, I've got a sql iterator to create the filename with date, then an export action that runs the query and saves the csv using the iterator value as the filename, and that works succesfully.

Now I want to add the ftp part, and in the file selection I can select variable to see the TOAD variables, but I can't see the iterator result.

Is there a way to make what I'm trying work, or is there a better way I'm not seeing ?

Thanks in advance


Set it up with both the Export Dataset and the FTP actions as sub-nodes under the iterator (as opposed to siblings in the action set) and then both Export Dataset and the FTP should be able to see the variable.