Automation Designer & Windows Task Scheduler

TOAD ~ Oracle

Due to business rules, I am not able to schedule a TOAD automation app using Windows Task Scheduler from within TOAD. It is required that I launch Windows Task Scheduler as admin then set up the new scheduled task.

The new app and action are set up and run fine within TOAD. The need is to set it up on a weekly schedule. I am unable to locate the task that TOAD has saved to set it up within the Windows Scheduler.

The Change User option in TOAD will not work because the admin user account is controlled exclusively by smart card. I have searched the C:\ drive for the app name and the action/task name and came up empty. I did find a TOAD folder in windows>system 32>tasks>quest software but that folder is empty. Also drilled down to the user folder within program files(86) toad and found no likely suspects.

When I try to use the scheduler via TOAD automation designer, at the very end of the process toad pops up an error messages stating an undisclosed error has occurred. Local security rules mandate all windows task schedules be created with advanced privileges which the admin account carries…

Can someone point me to where I might locate the saved TOAD app/task/action? I think that is my only option to get a weekly task set up in TOAD via the windows scheduler.

Any and all pointers & suggestions appreciated.

Scheduled Tasks are setup to run Toad with the appropriate command line syntax for executing apps and actions. In Toad’s help open the page for command line actions (search for command line in the Index) and you’ll find examples there of the appropriate syntax.