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Toad Oracle not working with task scheduler when using "Run whether user logged on or not"


I'm trying to create a scheduled task using taskschd in a Windows Server 2012 to run an automation designer job (-a) that will export dataset in an excel file at a particular location. It works as it should if I select "Run only when user is logged on".

It does not work if I select "Run whether user is logged on or not". I have tried manually triggering the task or putting a time trigger, both did not work. The task is shown as running permanently until I force end it in taskschd. Things that I have done:

  • Run in highest privilege.
  • In Actions, fill in the "Start in (Optional)" (this fixed my other scheduled task that is scheduled to run another program)
  • Grant explicit permission to Toad folder and any relevant folders that are involved in the job to the user I am using to run the task.

I have done some googling and I'm somewhat convinced that maybe Toad does not work without an interactive user/environment to trigger the -a? I can see multiple "Toad.exe" processes in my Task manager which shows that the taskschd did work, just that the toad.exe's are not doing anything.

Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you. I'm using Toad for oracle 12.1.