New to TOAD - need help with schedule

I am using TDP I have created a TOAD Automation Script. It drops and recreates 3 tables on an Oracle server. I am connected to the Oracle server and I have the scripts in my Local Storage.
It runs successfully when I use the RUN button but will not run if scheduled. In scheduler I Run as: my local user account. It appears in the Job Manager but does not run when the scheduled time

I tried to attach a document with screen shots and a verbose explanation but as a newbie I am not allowed. I would appreciate any assistance you could provide.

Open Job Manager(Tools -> Administer-> Job Manager), check job status make sure it is “Ready” not “Disabled”. R-click job and select “Start Task”, does it run? 3.5 is old version, could you please try with TDP 5.0 beta?


All tests run successfully if manually started.

You can check this in the windows tasks scheduler…




The Job Manager is a wrapper for the Windows task scheduler. Let's check the last run result column of windows task scheduler so we can see if there is more information.

Make sure you are logged in (just lock your computer session but don’t log off or power off your machine).
Some company administrators don’t let you use windows scheduler (which is what job manager uses, it just makes it easy for you). You may need admin privileges to use windows scheduler, talk to your IT people if you are still having trouble.