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Automating workbook


I created my first workbook, which works as expected. I am now trying to attach the results and send them via email on a schedule. I see you can send manually, but I would like to automate this process.

Thanks ~ Jean

After you checkbox the reports that you want to share via e-mail (via "Share Reports" at bottom) then click on "Scheduled Tasks". See Snap below. We currently support automated workbooks via your workstation's Windows Task Scheduler, but in a future release, we'll be supporting the scheduled execution of workbooks on Toad Intelligence Central, FYI.

Hi, Gary

Thanks for the quick response. Yes, I was able to scheduled a tasks with no problem. What I'm trying to establish is once the report has generated and saved to a designated location. I want to schedule delivery as an attachment via email using the workbook. I was able to do this using the Toad Data Point app. I was hoping to do the same within the workbook.

Thanks ~ Jean