Iterated TDP automation emails based on email addresses in list

If I had users that I wanted to send status reports to individually, can this be achieved through a TDP automation?

For example, I have a table that contains:

Name | Email | Item ID
Name 1 | | 1
Name 1 | | 2
Name 1 | | 3
Name 2 | | 4

Can I send an email specifically to Name 1 showing they have 3 ID's associated and a separate email to Name 2 showing they have 1 ID associated?

I just found this post:

Will tackle to see if it helps me achieve what I'm looking for.

Yes, you can do this. The reference you have is good. Basically you process this using a LoopDataset activity. Here is basic data on that activity.

Thanks Debbie! Appreciate the feedback. Great help as always!

I'm going to try and mess with this over the weekend and see what luck I have. I'll come back if there's any issues.


Let me know either way. I am here for the failures but love to also hear the successes:heart_eyes: