Automation Script fails with 'Option not Supported' during publish

Hey folks!

I'm trying to publish an automation script from Data Point to a 6.2 TIC server and it gives me an error:

Option not supported
Parameter name: password=[masked_passwd_xxxxx];database

then it fails, tried with both 'test' on and off and personal and service credentials as well. I can't find a way to track it down from server side.

What could be erroring out on this publishment? Are there reliable ways to troubleshoot it from server side?

Some details would be useful... what is the platform being accessed, and how?

e.g. are you accessing an Excel spreadsheet which is password-protected within, say, a "Select to File" or "Execute Script" task within Automation? etc.

@Gary.Jerep thanks for replying. This is Windows, both TDP (6.0) and TIC (6.2), this script connects to a single Oracle 19c instance, might have different schemas/etc, but no additional sources.

Worth mention that the same script works fine, both publish/run on a 6.0 TIC server.

You should be able to get more details about the error via the logs on the TIC server... Snap below shows where I log into TIC via a browser, highlight an automation script and peruse the log files/content.

I wish I could, @Gary.Jerep - however, the error is happening when I try to publish the job to the server, it's not finishing at all, so I dont have the automation on my server.

Ah, wait, let's back up... what TDP Pro client version are you using? If TDP Pro 6.0.x, you may need to upgrade to TDP Pro 6.2 in order to publish to TIC 6.2.

Let's give that a go, and see if it helps.

@Gary.Jerep both client and server and 6.2; I can publish from 6.2 TDP to a 6.0 TIC, but cant do the other way around

Hey Felipe,

If you mean by "other way around" that you can't publish your automation script from TDP 6.2 to TIC 6.2 (but can when published to TIC 6.0) then please open a Support Case for this, if you haven't already.

This seems to be a very unusual issue.