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Cant Publish Automation Script

When I try to publish an automation script I get this error. I think it is complaining about my AD name. We are only allowed to connect using AD and our names are always "LastName.FirstName". How do I get around this?


This should be resolved in Toad Intelligence Central 5.4. The release notes only mention the defect that incorrectly lists AD entries with a "." but this should address the issue you are having as well.

We built a test box and installed TIC 5.4.069. Unfortunately it did not fix the publishing problem. See screen shot. Can you enter issue ticket and provide the ID to track. I assume we can get into the next release? Also I'll have the originator of the AD entries test on this new environment to confirm that his issue is fixed.

We also tested the original issue from support case #4855484 using TDP/TIC 5.4 and this also does not work. The fix did not resolve the AD import issue either.