Automation Script - Force kill hanging Automation Scripts

I am experiencing an issue with hanging scripts, which I have been working with the support team for quite some time (and are nearing a resolution). In the meantime, my team is having to manually cancel automation scripts. Prior to upgrading to TIC 6.0, the ScriptMonitor had been cancelling some of these scripts for me - but not consistently.

I found that this selection had not been checked, so I set this value today, but now I'm left to wonder what is "the threshold"? I can't find any settings in Toad Data Point or Toad Intelligence Central to determine what this "threshold" is, and I didn't see any documentation of the Server settings for TIC at all in the official documentation.

What is "the threshold" and is this something I have the ability to set?

The threshold is the longest successful run time of that particular script, and it is something that you don't have the ability to set.
By default, this option is set to 5, which means 5 times longer than the longest successful run time of that particular script if that option is enabled.