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Automation task starts running but then it stops because encounters an erro

I am using TDA 2.7. I have a task that runs without errors when I test within TDA. My task includes several steps with bind variables, the output is to send an email for every user located in one the tables.After the automated task sends the first email, the tasks stops and I receive the attached email. I tried a couple of things to address the issue: reboot the computer before running this particular task; and delete the task that generates the error and create a new one. Anyway, I have 10 different automated task that runs with windows scheduler without a problem. But this particular task never gets completed from the scheduler.

TaskError.txt (12.2 KB)

There must be a send email at the end as that is where the error is. Delete the email activity and add a new one. If that doesen’t work add a pause or do the final find and replace to a different file name and use that file as the attachment/body of email.


*Automation script “TimeSheet_TechsEmail” had errors while executing. The exception messages are listed below and the log file is attached. "

Exception Messages:
The process cannot access the file ‘C:\TEMP\Hours.csv’ because it is being used by another process."
*I reboot the computer and I scheduled to run again and it worked beutifully. So thanks a bunch.

Could you please tell me how to avoid the error about a file being in use when I am completely sure nothing else is opened in the computer dedicated to run my TDA tasks. There are times I got the same error in other scheduled task; so I always end up rebooting or re-starting the computer.

Hi Debbie,

thanks for the quick replied. First, I deleted the email activity and added a new one. I also created a new schedule task. When it run the first time, I got the following error: "

There is a known issue in TDA 2.7 that if an export errors it can leave the file open. We have addressed this in TDA 3.0. So I would assume that is what is going on here.


Thanks a lot Debbie. Your support is amazing.