Automation Variable for Schema selection


Is there a way to use Automation Variable for setting the schema in actions such as Compare Schemas and Generate Schema Script? When doing promotes I run the same sets of scripts but need to change the source database, destination database, and the schema. I've exported the Automation to a parameters file so that I can set these with find/replace and then run the Automation with the updated parameters file.

Thank you,
Michael Chambers

Hi Michael,

Sorry, there is no way to do that with variables, but that's a good idea. I'll log it as an enhancement request.


Do you need to change the connection name too or just schema?

Both connection and schema.

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This will be in the next beta.

It will work similarly for Generate Schema/Database Script and for Compare Schemas/Databases

This works great. In the Generate Schema Script would you be able to make the variables available in the Top Level Directory line?

Hi Michael,

That works for me in Generate Schema Script. Here I right-clicked on the schema and then chose "variables". I had the GSS action nested under "List Iterator1" in Automation Designer

This would be on the options page of Generate Schemas

Oh, I see what you mean now. I don't know how easily I'll be able to add dynamic variable names to that popup, but ideally you could just type in the variable there like %ListIterator1% and it would work.

That doesn't work now, but it should, so I'll fix.