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Automation vs manual

Running into issue lately with a few scripts that error out when running on task schedule automation but will run successfully when running manually from toad. Any insight to why this is happening

Hard to say without details on error messages or what the issue is... could be many factors... change in privs of the OS user running the automation, app or OS upgrades, etc.

If you're getting a specific error message, see if you can find a knowledge base article on Quest's Support site:
or possibly open a Support ticket.

Thank you . I will try to locate and reach back out . Not sure if issue started with my recent version upgrade but feel it started happening then .

Hi Craig,
Does this script contain emailing? Can you send us your tas file?
Does it crash at a specific point?

It does contain email for completion . Will send tas this afternoon

Ok. I believe volatile tables are getting dropped when running the select statement on export when running automation. When manual it runs just fine. Does that make sense . So I made final tables permanent and file worked then

So I found issue is toad dropping tables on when running automation. Works fine otherwise. I guess I will make perm tables when running large datasets.