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Toad Data Point Upgrade Issue

This error appears to have no resolve other than to go in and manually update all the scheduled tasks. No logins prompts or other options other than cancel it seems.

Scripts are not loading either.


Seems there is some kind of compatibility issue with the XML. I may have to open every scheduled automation script to see if it's actually working or not since the upgrade.

This is bad. I'm going to have to walk away and come back because I have critical processes that are now non-functional.

Really sorry to hear about this. Have you talked to Support to get some ideas or best practices?
Any other users want to share their best practices please?

Hi Gary, just chatted with support and apparently it's a known issue, but it's not being communicated around the download area. Fortunately TDP maintains all previous instances so I rolled back, but I had to manually update 50+ scheduled automation tasks and redo the path information twice. Just my two cents, but I'd reconsider making 5.4 available when it has the potential of disabling critical processes for other customers or at least I would warn them.

Hi all
Tdp user since 3.2, i used to never update all scheduled tasks at one time since 4.1. I've had the same problem over 40 production scripts and must rollback. A few days ago, for example, i've installed 5.5, without migrate anything from 5.1. There was a bug when migrating environment, object explorer crashed on postrgesql connections.
So, i export them manually from 5.1 to re import in 5.5.
For automation scripts, i keep them running on current version and upgrade them one by one on newer version after testing in interactive mode.
Then, i update scheduled tasks by editing xml file of task.

I've skipped 5.4 because of bug in editor when formatting Oracle statements containing commented lines. 5.5 seems to works well.
Nevertheless, Toad data point stay my favorite application to works with data!

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I am having the same issue . Getting incorrect username/password while migrating the scheduled tasks from 5.2 to 5.5.

Is this a known issue ?? Any workaround this ??

I have lot of scheduled tasks and opening one by one and saving in 5.5 and scheduling them again is not fun.