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Results differ between automation Test and Scheduled job

I have a script set up in Automation that executes properly when running it in Test mode. However, when it is run via a Schedule job it returns incorrect data! Completely erroneous values are being placed in some columns, but this only occurs when it is being run on a scheduled job.

Any ideas?? Thanks in advance!

Without a script (and I don’t see it attached) it’s hard to guess what’s going wrong. Can you please publish your .tas file here or send it directly to me (



Please include a verbose log file and all dependant files to the automation script. Send to Igor.


Thanks for the responses. This was a simple error on the user’s part. I had left the default of ‘append’ setting on the exported files, so there were unpredictable results each day and a mismatch to the table when viewed in comparison. Closing question.