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In SQLPLUS there is a environment variable called AUTOTRACE which allows you to analyze your query, Much like Explain plan but it gives you statistics on gets etc. Is there a way to turn this envronment variable on and display the output??


Hi swit,

The SQL*PLUS commands that Nav currently supports are:

  • Comment Delimiters (//)
  • Double Hyphen (- -)
  • At Sign (@)
  • Double At Sign (@@)
  • Forward Slash (/)

If you feel that AUTOTRACE would be useful, were happy to consider it for a future release!!
I’ll log an enhancement CR for you.



If you can, add this! Simply and helpfull option.

Regards Piter


I would like to see it added. There is information which an explain plan will not give you that is accessible from autotrace.


Some good news…
There is discussion of implementing some new functionality within SQL Nav that will have the side-benefit of inheriting a lot more of the SQL*PLUS command/functionality (including the AUTOTRACE).
Stand by for further updates…



Right, Jaime. In the next release of SQL Nav we’d like to have full SQL*Plus support. We’ll be sure to let everyone know when it makes it into the beta builds.