Beta 17.1.532, when switching windows, the Check Mark is not moving to the selected Window

There appears to be an issue with the Check Box, against the Current Active Window in TOAD.

Opening Toad I always have Schema Browser. as auto open.

Then open SQL Editor window.

All good so far .
now open 2nd sql editor window. and ops two active windows ?!

If then open other Windows, They also get Marked,
and if you switch windows the Check Windows remain the same

Hi Sean,

I tried to reproduce this but for me it is working correctly.


not sure if this is still on the list to be looked at,
but I still have the issue with the Latest Prod Release, and current BETA release.

It does not stop the working, when you do -W, to show the windows,
and in theory the "Tick" indicates the current Active/Showing windows,
you automatically think you are on the correct windows, but you are not actually,

Just wondering if anyone else is seeing the same thing..
The Ticks, in the windows List are random, and you get multiple Ticks Randomly as well,

I have completely uninstalled, TOAD etc, wiped the registry and working Folders,
and reinstalled from Scratch, and still have the issue....

Hi Sean,

I am still not able to reproduce this. This is what I did

  1. configure Toad to auto-open a Schema Browser
  2. Make a connection (SB auto-opens and is maximized)
  3. click the "Editor" toolbar button
  4. click it again
  5. Use the mouse to go to main menu -> Windows
  6. It looks right (only one thing checked)
  7. Use Alt+W to show main menu -> Windows
  8. Still looks right

If you can help me reproduce it, we'll get it fixed.


Once you have several windows open, I did 3 or more,
now try switch to window 1, by either method..
( the schema Browser ) OR click window then one of the windows,
Once picked , that should be your now Current/Active window,

but does the "Window" drop down still show correctly, or is the "Tick" next to the wrong window.

Then try switch between the windows and checking the drop down.!!

I did try to do a Video from windows, but the GAME BAR thing does to capture the Drop Down from the menu bars...
But then realised I could not upload it anyway...

Yes, I followed those steps. Two of us are looking at this now.

We can reproduce some weirdness in 17.1 but not the current beta:

  1. Reset User Files folder
  2. Make connection, Editor opens.
  3. Open SB then another Editor.
  4. In 17.1: The second Editor is always shown as active in Window bar.
    In Beta: The correct window is always shown as active.

We haven't been able to reproduce multiple active windows in either version.

For what it's worth, I use for screen videos. The GUI is a little weird but it makes great videos. I save as gif for ToadWorld.

I just increased your trust level here so you should be able to post a short video.

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I was going to say that I still had the issue, with the Current Beta Still,
But I was running, Beta 24.2.11and had not seen that there was a new beta 24.2.31
Only because I watch this Forum, and there was not posted message for that.
but I can confirm Beta 24.2.31 does not have this issue....

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Don't see any patterns, Just seems to mark the most resent one opened, And then not move, Occasionally, I see multiple marks, which was strange...
Also if you don't have the windows, "MAXIMISED", and switch windows by clicking on the TITLE BAR of each window, then Marks, then seem to sort them selves out, until you go back to "MAXIMISED" windows....

Please Note:- I only see this on the Current 17.1(.717.3711) Latest Live Release now,
The latest BETA does not appear to have the issue.