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Beta Released (15.1.41)

Beta Release 15.1.41 is now available. Please see the note about dark mode in the link below


Change Log

Excellent! My favorite style so far is of course "Hot Dog Stand":

I do notice that some styles, like my other favorite Auric, obscure a full screen connection's color bar on new connections. If I change the theme after the connection, the color bar recolors correctly.


Which one is that? None of them look like that for me. I'll see if I can come up with a green and yellow one just for you, Rich.

Brad mentioned the connection color problem to me this morning. I'm looking at it. He predicted it would be the first complaint. lol.

Hey John,

Sorry....couldn't help taking a little Paint touchup to reproduce a classic theme/style. :sweat_smile: I'm happy to be of any artistic service in creating new styles, as long as the "paint can" brush in MS Paint is the only tool I need to use.

I'm also glad to lob the first color grenade! :wink:

Seriously -- the styles are super cool! Auric is my front-runner so far, but as I have real non-color-related work waiting for me, I'll have to do a more in-depth comparison later.

Thanks guys!

Hah! You had me going there.

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Hi John.

First of all, dark themes are pretty nice!! But I got a couple of questions:

  1. Could it be possible to modify some data grids elements? I am using Glow Theme and if I select a register, the cell turn into black (text and background.

  2. Could it be possible to modify Editor SQL Colours. I changed keywords and comments but when I reset Toad, all changes are gone.

And a little bug, if we open a new tab editor Data Grid is refreshed with the Style configured in TOAD Option/Data Grip/Visual


  1. No, but if something looks wrong, especially with grids, please post a screen shot and I'll take a look at it. I have to choose colors for the grids manually based on the theme because they don't map automatically like most everything else

  2. Try turning off themes (go back to the "Windows" theme, then make your change, then go back to whatever theme you want. At the moment I am taking the colors from the "windows" theme and modifying the dark ones so that they show up better (for example, blue becomes aqua).

  3. Thanks, I'll take a look at that.

Hi John.

For Point 1.


As you can see, as soon as I select some cells, background is black. Could be perfect selected background in dark blue and text selected in white. For example Data Grip for Cobalt XEMedia

Theme used: Glow.


Hi there,

after installing the latest beta i noticed that the Editor colors got reset to the default values. Before experimenting with the other themes i tried to change the colors back to my normal, non-beta values. When trying to change the "Symbol" Foreground color under Editor > Font and Styling > SQL > Styling to "Default" i get the following error message:


When using any other color, like Silver or Yellow, it works.